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Gaining a better understanding of carbon footprinting and lifecycle assessments



Recent years have seen an increased focus from both external and internal stakeholders on the environmental impact of your business operations. Investors, customers and employees are insisting on responsible, tangible practices – not greenwashing.

In this webinar, we will describe what is involved in carbon footprinting and life cycle assessments and spend some time answering your questions. While open to anyone, this webinar is best suited to those looking to formalise a carbon management strategy but are feeling overwhelmed with the variety of approaches, tools and terminologies.


Divyanshu SethiDivyanshu Sethi is a Climate Action and Sustainability Consultant at TÜV SÜD. He is a Chemical Technologist by background and did his masters in Climate Change Finance and Investment. Since joining the organisation, he has been involved in carbon foot printing, life cycle assessment, ESG related issues, voluntary carbon markets, and green/low carbon hydrogen certification.

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