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Cyber Security and AI in the IoT


The IoT is essentially everywhere and constant in our everyday lives, albeit existing in many different forms. The world is becoming a much more connected place; with our home, wearables, workplace, car, included in the many aspects of daily life which are connected. However, with increased connectivity, also comes increased vulnerability, so it is important that these vulnerabilities are constantly sought and mitigated. If you are a manufacturer of an IoT device, cyber security must be a priority and the implementation of the “security by design” methodology should be adopted.

This webinar is aimed at manufacturers of IoT devices or companies connecting devices to the internet. It will cover the present landscape of the IoT, the cybersecurity considerations and how to prepare and mitigate, the regulatory developments and how AI may also help with the advancement of the IoT.

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Photo of Cyber security webinar speaker: Joe Lomako.Joe Lomako

Joe has been in the compliance industry for over 25 years and has helped many hundreds of companies get their products onto the global market place. Originally an Electromagnetics Researcher at the University of Bradford, Joe moved into EMC consultancy and testing, helping manufacturers find and eliminate their EMC problems. In addition to this he has also gained expertise in the field of EMF Exposure of radio devices and fields.

For the past decade Joe has concentrated on having a more intimate customer facing role, particularly with manufacturers of connected products. This is includes companies from all walks of industry such as small consumer products to the more larger industrial machines. His primary role in TÜV SÜD is working closely with companies, assisting the project managers and designers in helping them to ensure that they are fully prepared and aware of all the information and requirements when putting a product on the global market, this includes all aspects of regulatory and compliance which includes, but not limited to, Radio, EMC, Safety, Global Country Requirements and Cyber Security.

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