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Hydrogen Flow Measurement to Support Gas Grid Decarbonisation

An important step in achieving the target of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 will be the decarbonisation of heat, as approximately 32% of total UK emissions are attributed to heating in buildings and industry. Several UK projects are underway investigating the feasibility of replacing natural gas with hydrogen in the gas grid, such as H21, H100, HyDeploy, Hy4Heat and more.

To gain public acceptance of these plans, various challenges must be overcome. Consumers will want a gas network infrastructure which is safe and reliable, but they will also need assurance that the billing process is accurate, fair and well-regulated.
This webinar, presented by Marc MacDonald, will provide an introduction to flow measurement of hydrogen and hydrogen/natural gas mixtures.


  • Providing an overview of the latest plans for decarbonisation of gas grids in the UK and Europe, and related measurement challenges
  • Detailing the design and operating ranges of a new hydrogen flow calibration facility for domestic gas meters
  • Presenting initial findings on accuracy testing of domestic gas flow meters operating with hydrogen/natural gas blends (up to 20% H2 by volume)


Marc MacDonaldMarc MacDonald

Marc is a Chartered Chemical & Process Engineer with over six years’ experience in flow measurement. He is leading the Clean Fuels Flow Metrology group at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory with a focus on hydrogen flow metrology research. Marc has worked on the design, modification and upgrade of TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory’s National Standard flow facilities and has practical experience working with all types of flowmeters including Coriolis, ultrasonic, turbine, differential pressure and multiphase.

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