The Structure of Multiphase Flows at High Pressure



This report describes recent experimental tests of multiphase flow patterns in TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory Advanced Multiphase Flow Faciility (AMF). The results show a distinct reduction in the observation of slug flow at higher pressures. Results are presented for 4 inch and 6 inch pipe diameters in both horizontal and vertical flow.

Why download the report?

This R&D report presents experimental findings of observed multiphase flow patterns of gas, oil and water flows from 10 bar to 130 bar.  Readers will learn about the differences that were observed between multiphase flow patterns at different pressures in TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory's Advanced Multiphase Flow Faciility (AMF).  This report will be of interest to the multiphase flow community, oil and gas industry, academics and students.

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