Flow Measurement Documentary Standards and Regulations Review



Documentary standards (DS) are universally recognised as a vital element of translating research knowledge and technological innovation into effective practical guidance for industry. They drive copetitive advantage and sustain economic groweth through efficient industrial processes, whilst speeding the diffusion of technological innovations by aiding widespread adoption. Regulations perform some of the same functions as DS, but the central difference is that they are created by the Government and its agencies and are underpinned by legislation. Furthermore, whilst compliance with standards is voluntary, compliance with regulations is mandatory.

The UK's National Measurmenent System (NMS), funded by BEIS, provides global leadership in establishing the knowledge content of documentary standards where metrology is a key componentn and in supporting such standard creation activities at national and international level. The new UK industrial strategy has provided the impetus for a full review of the DS priorities under the Flow Programme for the modification or development of documentary flow measurement standards and creation of new legislation and regulation.

The database searches revealed ~3000 DS featuring the terms 'flow' and 'measurement'. This was narrowed to 166 flow measurement intensive DS and 6 regulations. Within this total 12 were assessed as containing essential flow measurement techniques aligned with the UK Industrial Strategy, and these were then subjected to detailed review.

These recommendations are the subject of the report which can be downloaded from this page.


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