Whitefriars, Bristol

Case Study

Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Berkley Estates London Limited on behalf of topland mercury limited

Industry: Real Estate - Lift, Cranes and Conveyors

Project Value: £1M

Construction dates: 2018

Services provided: Appraise existing equipment, Assess required H&S improvements, Review potential energy efficiency improvements, Report on options, Review methods for replacement, Advise on life cycle costing, Propose schemes to meet budget and programme requirements, Design and Specify, Undertake every aspect of the process, from commencement to completion, Witness testing, Concept Design – Traffic analysis, Detail Design, Tender Documents, Bidding & Negotiations, Installation Supervision, O&M Manual Review, Testing & Commissioning Review, Defects liability Period, Inspections, Shop Drawings review, Material Submittals Review

Phase 1 – Survey & Report

Visit site, carry out a detailed survey of the existing lift equipment and site conditions. Produce detailed technical report including condition of existing equipment, shortfalls against Health & Safety standards, options for modernisation and future life expectancy including budget costs and programmes.

Phase 2 – Specification & Tender

Discuss and agree with the client the most suitable option from our report and establish the final scheme. Carry out Traffic analysis to ascertain the optimum configuration of the lift system for the building population including size of lift, contract speed and control system used. Produce the technical design specification for the project. Submit specification for competitive tenders to an agreed list of lift contractors. Fully evaluate the returned tenders. Prepare a full report and make recommendations on the preferred lift contractor.

Phase 3 – Execution of Works

Appoint selected lift contractor on behalf of the client and prepare all contract documentation (MF1 Rev 6). Liaise with the appointed lift contractor during procurement period and approve drawings and design information as necessary. Monitor lift contractor’s performance during the installation works and attend site meetings with minutes as necessary. Carry out a full witness tests on completion of each lift. Approve all financial applications as submitted by the lift contractor during the works and the defects liability period. Monitor the performance of the lifts during the 12 months defects liability period and instigate corrective actions as necessary.

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