Swan Court Social Housing, Waltham Cross

Principal Designer Case Study

Principal Designer Case Study

Client name: Metropolitan Housing TRUST

Contractor:  Rubax Lift

Project Value:  £120k

Project Dates:  2020 – 2021

TUV SUD Dunbar Boardman were appointed by MHT to completely refurbish one of the existing passenger traction lift within the social housing residential flats at Swan Court in Waltham Cross.

Swan Court project is part of a large-scale capital investment plan, which includes ten tower blocks in the Waltham Cross area of London for Metropolitan Housing. Swan Court is the first site to be completed in this programme.

This lift was identified for capital investment to be completely refurbished, incorporating heavy duty reliable equipment, designed to provide lift service for a further 20 to 25 years, while ensuring a robust aesthetic finish to the lift for the residents of Swan Court.

TUV SUD Dunbar Boardman was responsible for initial design of the lifts, full project management, Principal Designer role including CDM duties and Witness Testing of the completed installation.

Undertaking the Principal Designer role on behalf of the Client, our checklist of duties includes:

  • Ensure that, where required, the Client has, as soon as practicable notified the Project to the Health & Safety Executive.
  • If requested to do so by the Client undertake the Notification to HSE and issue F10 Form to Client and Principal Contractor.
  • If requested, give advice to the Client on the competence of Designers or
    Contractors (including Principal Contractor) and adequacy of provision for Health & Safety by Designers or Contractors.
  • Ensure co-operation between Designers.
  • Ensuring Designers comply with their duties.
  • Ensure the pre-tender Health & Safety plan is prepared.
  • Advise the Client on the adequacy of the Principal Contractors Health & Safety Plan and ensure this is completed before construction work commences.
  • Ensure that the Health & Safety file is prepared.
  • If requested advise the Client and any Contractor on the Competence of and allocation of resources by any potential Designer.
  • Review and ensure that the Principal Contractor amends or adds to the Health & Safety file as necessary and ensure that on completion that this is delivered to the Client.
  • Ensure Health & Safety is discussed and reviewed at site meetings and recorded in meeting minutes issued to all parties.

Our Checklist for Pre-Construction Information and the Construction Phase Plan includes the following:

  1. Location of Project/Works
  2. Nature of Works
  3. The existing environment
    • Existing Services
    • Surrounding Conditions
    • Special consideration (Asbestos, Aerials or Masts on roof, contaminated land etc.)
  4. Existing drawings (or existing H&S File)
  5. The design
    • Information on Risks
    • Risk Assessments
    • Control Measures
    • Residual Risks
  6. Construction Materials
    • Health Hazard for Materials existing with Risk Assessments, Control Measures and Residual Risks.
    • Materials that must not be included in the design.
    • Health Hazard for material which cannot be avoided, including Risk Assessment control measure and Residual Risks.
  7. Site Wide Elements
    • Positioning of access or egress points.
    • Location of unloading
    • Storage areas/deliveries
    • Parking
    • Building Management
  8. Overlap with Client’s undertaking
    • Time for deliveries and permissions
    • Protection including protection of work areas and protection of finishes
    • Building occupied or empty
    • Any other works going on at the same time, including details of the Teams for other CDM Projects on the site.
  9. Site Rules
    • Fire Alarm and Fire Procedures
    • Permit to Work Rules
    • Hot Works Rules
    • Security (signing in and out, passes etc.)
    • Other Rules and Regulations laid down by Client for work in his premises.
  10. Continuing Liaison
  • Procedures for dealing with Design work for the Construction Phase.


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