Online Monitors for Produced Water Analysis on NUIS

Case Study

Case Study

Client name: Confidential

Industry: Chemical and Process

In its quest to optimise cost-effective production and recovery in the North Sea, the oil & gas industry is increasingly considering the use of normally unmanned installations (NUIs). However, production from these installations is currently restricted to those that would result in discharge of oil in produced water of less than 2 tonnes per annum. If the discharge is going to be larger than 2-tonnes per annum, regular sampling and analysis of produced water must be in place to meet the regulatory requirements. For an unmanned installation, the only way to do this is through the use of an automated online oil-in-water analyser; a first for the North Sea.

Customer Challenge: A UK North Sea operator required assistance to qualify the potential use of an automated online oil-in-water analyser for reporting purposes on a NUI. It is believed that this is the first instance in the North Sea in which such an analyser has been intended for produced water discharge reporting from such an installation, where the total oil in produced water discharge per annum may exceed the 2-tonne limit.


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