Barnsley Hospital Case study

Barnsley Hospital

Case Study

Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Barnsley Hospital

Services provided: Replacement / Refurbishment of 10 Bed-Passenger & Passenger Lifts

Industry: Lift Consultancy

Project Value: £TBC

Construction date: Due December 2022

TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman were instructed by Barnsley Facilities Services (BFS) on behalf of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to undertake a traffic analysis on the existing lifts within the AB & KL Blocks of the hospital. The basis of the traffic analysis and subsequent report detailing the performance between Destination Selection Control system (DSC) and Direction Collective Control (DCC). Each block contains a group of five lifts (3 x Bed/Passenger and 2 x Passenger Lifts), which are currently working on a destination control system. The results of the analysis indicated that improvements to performance could be achieved by utilising a DCC control system with additional priority control features to fulfil the requirements of cleaning, catering and portering staff.  

Further to this analysis and design brief from BFS, TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman developed and produced a specification to replace 2 bed/passenger lifts within each block and refurbish the remaining lifts, incorporating a DCC control (full collective) system with landing and car priority controls for staff use. The replacement lifts (retaining guide rails only) to achieve as far as practicable within the constraints of an existing building Firefighting & Evacuation lifts. 
This was a competitive tender process, with which TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman actively assisted BFS in finding the correct contractor to undertake such a large replacement/refurbishment project. 

Each lift once completed will have new variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) drives with gearless machines, lift control systems, car interiors, door operators & compatible landing entrance equipment and ancillary shaft equipment, taking into account the latest EN81 standards & Healthcare Technical Memorandum Guidance HTM08-02 & HTM05-03 part E. This is an ongoing project due for completion in December 2022, with the first lifts handed over in October 2021.

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