Welcome to the TÜV SÜD UK testing and certification blog. We aim to make this your definitive resource for in-depth insights into industry standards and compliance. Stay informed and ensure your products meet the highest safety and quality benchmarks with our expert guidance and the latest updates on regulatory trends.

Product testing is an essential step in bringing new products to market. It rigorously evaluates your goods to identify any defects early and highlights potential regulatory compliance issues. By testing your products, you can make necessary adjustments to avoid costly recalls or fines and ensure they meet the highest standards.

In this blog, you'll find testing insights plus the latest updates on UK/EU regulations and directives, along with news on the extensive range of certification schemes delivered by TÜV SÜD BABT and TÜV SÜD Denmark. The Notified Body schemes are managed by TÜV SÜD BABT, a UK Approved Body on behalf of TÜV SÜD Denmark, an EU Notified Body, so that customers can receive both UKCA and CE certification in one co-ordinated project.

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