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Jordan Telecom Authority issued draft consultation

Posted by: Kate Moore Date: 01 Feb 2024

Jordan Telecom Authority issued draft consultation on Type Approval requirements

The Jordanian Telecommunication Regulatory Commission issued a draft public consultation on changes to the Type Approval requirements.

The most important changes on the draft to note are the following:



Old Guidelines

Draft Proposal

Certificate validity

3 Years

1 Year

Label requirements

1. Label shall be affixed on both outer package and the device itself.


2. Electronic label is accepted to be installed on the device operating System, in case of facing difficulties to affix it on the device and package.

1. Label shall be affixed on the outer package and/or the device itself.


2. Both manual and electronic labels are accepted, and in case of difficulties to affix them on the device/package, the label could be included in the user manual or the operating system.


1. Cables, cords, empty cabins.


2. Inks and equipment, consumables of fax and copying machines.


3. Printers and copying machines (with or without Wi-Fi) without Fax.


4. Surveillance Cordless/Cord Cameras.


5. Desktops and laptops.


6. Computer panels and TV screens with different kinds and specifications.


7. Remote short-range sensing machines, with infra-red technique.


8. Hard discs and storage devices.


9. Electronic parts for production lines.


10. Bluetooth headphones or devices provided with Bluetooth.


11. GPS navigation devices, including no sim card.


12. Switches, Firewalls, and Servers

1. Printers, copiers and monitors that do not include any high power radio functions.


2. Short-range remote controls products using infrared.


3. Electronic parts that do not include any radio functions.


4. Short range devices that support Bluetooth technology only.


5. Satellite television receivers


6. Laptops and desktop computers


7. Wireless Mouses & keyboards.

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