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Brazil Safety - Approving Conformity Assessment Requirements for Plugs and Sockets

Posted by: Rob Campling Date: 21 Jun 2022

Brazil: Safety - Approving Conformity Assessment Requirements for Plugs and Sockets, Portaria No. 90, 2022

In force (since Apr 01, 2022)

On 22 March 2022, the Brazil National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO/CONMETRO) published Portaria No. 90 to approve the Requirements for Conformity Assessment of Plugs and Sockets.

This Portaria approves the regulation for plugs and sockets, with respect to the applicable conformity assessment requirements and the specifications for the Conformity Identification Mark, detailed in Annexes I and II.

The Regulation establishes conformity assessment criteria and procedures for plugs and sockets of domestic and analogous use, through the mechanism of certification, aiming at the safety and the prevention of accidents in its use.

It applies to all plugs and sockets, fixed or mobile, for voltages up to 250V and current up to 20A, as indicated in Figures 1a and 1b of ABNT NBR NM 60884-1:2010, including:

  • multiple mobile sockets and the non-dismountable plug incorporated into a flexible cable, parts of the commonly known extensions, as indicated in Figure 1b of ABNT NBR NM 60884-1:2010;
  • non-dismountable plugs or non-dismountable mobile sockets incorporated into flexible cables, called connector cords and extension cords according to Figure 1a of ABNT NBR NM 60884-1:2010;
  • plugs, sockets, extension cords and connector cords, for specific use in the maintenance and/or replacement of electrical, electronic or electro-electronic appliances.

The following items are excluded from the scope of this Regulation:

  • the plug connector of the appliance of use, the mobile plug connector socket of the cord connector, of exclusive coupling of the appliance of use, compatible with the standard of IEC 60320 standard, as indicated in Figure 1a of ABNT NBR NM 60884-1:2010;
  • sockets for appliances, covered by ABNT NBR 60884-2;
  • plugs, sockets, connector cords and extension cords, incorporated or sold together with certified electrical, electronic or electro-electronic appliances;
  • three-way plugs, commonly known as benjamin or T-type, and adapters.

According to Article 5 plugs and sockets, manufactured, imported, distributed and sold in the national territory, free of charge or not, must be compulsorily submitted to the conformity assessment, by means of the certification mechanism.

As of 1 April 2022, the manufacturers and importers shall adopt, in new certification processes of plugs and sockets, the conditions and layout of the Conformity Identification Seal according to Model 1 of Annex II of this Portaria.

Otherwise, manufacturers and importers of plugs and sockets families which are already certified will have 36 months from the date mentioned above to adapt the certification processes in order to meet, on the packaging, the conditions and layout applicable to the Compliance Identification Mark - Model 1 of Annex II of this Portaria.

Portaria No. 90 will come into force on 1 April 2022.

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