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BOCRA begins letter exemption Type Approval process

Posted by: Kate Moore Date: 01 Feb 2024

BOCRA begins letter exemption Type Approval process

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority – BOCRA – announced that they have began issuing Type Approval Certificates for devices that are exempt from Approval. Equipment must pass the verification and validation Type Approval process.

The equipment exempt from Approval are the following:

  • Personal Computers, laptops, Tablets, IoT etc. (embedded with WiFi transceivers, Bluetooth transceivers);
  • Receive only Equipment (FM/MW/SW Radios, Television, Satellite decoders, Set-top Boxes);
  • Vehicle embedded RTTE (Blue tooth, navigation, remote sensors, Car Keys etc), should ensure that RTTE operate in the appropriate frequency bands.
  • GMPCS Mobile Satellite Terminals with “ITU” mark.

The requirements and lead times remains the same as before.

For further information, please contact our GMA team at [email protected]

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