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TÜV SÜD BABT continues to add new PPE accreditations to scope

15 February 2023

TÜV SÜD Denmark has become a CE Notified Body for Personal Protective Equipment to be exported to the EU. Through our link with TÜV SÜD Denmark, TÜV SÜD BABT can now offer clients a mirrored scheme which means you can apply for both CE and UKCA certifications for your PPE products at the same time.

PPE constructionTÜV SÜD Danmark Aps, a subsidiary of TÜV SÜD Group, was included in the directory of accredited institutions of the Danish Accreditation Fund (DANAK), the national accreditation body in Denmark, and became a Notified Body for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (No. NB2443) appointed by the Danish Safety Technology Authority and notified under NANDO. It is the second notified body under TÜV SÜD following NB0123 TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH to provide CE certification for PPE for global supply chain manufacturers and brands.

This will greatly expand TÜV SÜD’s certification capabilities in the field of PPE. It’s worth noting that many certified technicians from TÜV SÜD Greater China were also authorised as technical certifier and auditors. In the future, TÜV SÜD can provide related services for Chinese PPE enterprises enabling them to become more efficient.

By becoming an EU Notified Body for PPE, TÜV SÜD Denmark offers certification for:

  1. Type examination (Module B)
  2. Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised product checks at random intervals (Module C2)
  3. Conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production process (Module D)

This means TÜV SÜD can offer a complete range of certifications for PPE, namely CE certification, GS certification and UKCA certification  The services cover most types of PPE used in work and for leisure activities. With lab resources and experts in places such as China’s mainland and Germany, TÜV SÜD will continue to provide timely, professional and efficient third-party product certification and testing services to global customers in the PPE industry.

Chris Norris, Senior Certification Engineer, TÜV SÜD in the UK explains:

“With the new areas of scope being added, we are heading in the direction of a one-stop shop for all PPE certification requirements, for UKCA marking as well as for CE marking (through TÜV SÜD Denmark) and the global markets beyond. This is good news for businesses wanting to access wider markets such as selling in China.”

View the scope of certification offered by TÜV SÜD Denmark as a Notified Body for PPE

A global leader in testing and product certification, TÜV SÜD’s team of multidisciplinary experts has in-depth experience across many product categories. We offer extensive industry expertise to support our customers in safety testing and meeting laws, directives and standards on safety and quality.

For support in managing these products, please contact TÜV SÜD.

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