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Building Advisory Service

Construct safe, smart and sustainable buildings

A data management and analytics business, which provides expert technical support throughout the life cycle of the built asset, to improve safety, quality, and sustainability, to reduce risk for building owners, managers and occupiers across the UK Real Estate Sector.

What is THE Building Advisory Service?

The Building Advisory Service Division is a new business for TÜV SÜD in the UK, which plays to our strengths as a leading technical service provider, with significant expertise in the UK’s construction and property sectors. We add value to our clients in the residential and commercial sectors by effectively and efficiently collecting, managing and analysing their asset data, enabling them to make informed decisions about their property portfolios, saving them considerable time and money.

Why ARE Business Advisory ServiceS Important?

TÜV SÜD provides truly independent and impartial expert advice that ensures clients remain in compliance with the ever-changing and increasingly onerous legislative and regulatory environment, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. Failure to comply with the new Building Safety Regulator can lead to significant financial penalties and or imprisonment. Our integrated data management service provides a holistic and real-time understanding of our client’s building assets, covering all safety, quality, and sustainability data.

Our data library consolidates all the above data in one central repository, which is totally secure and easy to navigate. We ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most up to date data they need, whenever they need it.


  • We provide easy access to accurate and real-time data relating to your built asset
  • With our technical support you can make informed decisions
  • We help you to reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • We will improve the quality of the built asset
  • Improves safety giving property owners and occupiers peace of mind
  • Ready access to the right data in the right format and at the right time saves you money and improves productivity
  • We are totally independent and impartial so you can rely on our technical experts to provide the best advice for you.

What Services Can TÜV SÜD Provide?

Data Collection

Our Building Advisory Division will collect all existing data relating to a specific building, we will then collate in our digital data library, this will enable clients to identify information gaps or inaccuracies.

To fill identified gaps, our in-house Technicians will undertake on-site surveys capturing the required information using the latest 3D Laser Scanning technology, we can also utilize our next generation smart façade inspection drones with cutting edge high-resolution visual and thermal cameras to accurately scan the exterior of buildings.

Data Management

Using the latest data management software and data management techniques we can create easily navigable and secure dashboards for all relevant stakeholders, for real-time review. These can include fully integrated BIM models and Digital Twins.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our Technical Experts will analyse the data, using their specialist knowledge and the latest state of the art Artificial Intelligence, to provide you with real insights, which add value and enable you to make informed decisions about the built asset.


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