Real-time digital construction inspection report

Digital, real-time and future driven data analytical construction Inspection report

Digital, real-time and future driven data analytical construction Inspection report

Digital, real-time and future driven data analytical construction Inspection report

Digitising the testing, inspection and certification process in construction projects provides many benefits. Not only does it allow for centralised access to construction quality control and quality assurance management, but it mitigates risk, reduces project lead times, increases reporting convenience and speeds up the entire process. This allows construction managers and contractors to receive qualifications and achieve certification faster in order to complete construction projects with the utmost safety.

Our digital reporting services use construction inspection application to document details and produce reports with ease. It is available on both mobile and desktop.

What is Digital Reporting?

Digital reporting takes testing, inspection and certification services for construction projects online through a cloud-based platform. Alongside sensor technology and guided inspection, the construction quality control application aims to enrich construction testing, Inspection and certification with smart technology. Through digital reporting, construction managers and contractors can monitor the quality and safety of ongoing construction projects, allowing for quality assurance, streamlined reporting and fast certification. 

Digital reporting gives relevant stakeholders a centralised platform to add photos and videos of the project’s progress as well as details such as defects and a construction quality control checklist. This creates a documentation process, allowing for monitoring throughout the project’s lifecycle and timely rectification when necessary. Once finished, these details are compiled into a comprehensive report that can be sent to authorities and for certification.


The Benefits of using Digital Reporting

There are many advantages to digitising quality assurance and quality control in a construction project. Not only does it remove the need for multiple paper reports on the progress of a construction project, but it provides real-time progress tracking.

Some of the other important benefits of digital reporting include:

  • Real-time updates and reports through an app from a phone, tablet and desktop thanks to the cloud-based platform
  • Convenient and fuss-free access even from the construction site using handheld devices
  • Intuitive construction document management application that is easy-to-use and requires little training
  • The findings can be categorised, and the construction inspection reports can be generated based on your trade or location
  • The construction inspection reports can be saved as PDF files and used as official reports for certification
  • Keep stakeholders up to date with building quality inspection progress reports throughout the project
  • Increase documenting speed, allowing you to report and observe many inspection points on one platform
  • A compiled report using data analytics makes tracking progress and rectification simple and effective
  • The data set of defects can be analysed , re-arranged and distributed to the related participant for corrective action


The defects are categorised based TÜV SÜD’s 150 years of experience in building testing and inspection as well as the most commonly seen construction defects. They include:

Installation and workmanship
General materials
Planning and design
Big and small cracks
Detachments and spalling
Flatness and levelness
Misalignment and routing
Missing items
Surface appearance
Tolerance errors
Excess moisture or dampness
Leakages or water problems


The benefits of working with TÜV SÜD 

The construction reporting application is based on TÜV SÜD’s Construction Quality Inspection handbook – a comprehensive construction quality control checklist that has been operational for several years and trusted by many during quality control in construction projects.

TÜV SÜD has been a trusted testing, inspection and certification partner on varied construction projects in countries such as Saudi Arabia, China and Singapore. 

Our experts help construction and project managers to perform local testing, inspection and certification projects independently through guided construction reporting application. 


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