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Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Terminal Quality Management (TQM) Scheme

TÜV SÜD are contracted to provide services under the mastercard Global Terminal Quality Management (TQM) programme. The TQM scheme was created by mastercard to ensure that the functionality of chip terminals, as certified during type approval testing by EMVCo, can be sustained throughout a manufacturing cycle.

Why take part in the TQM Scheme?

If you are a vendor of credit- or debit-card terminals and wish to participate in a Terminal Integration Programme (or TIP) with Mastercard, then you will be required to obtain a "TQM Label" for those parts of your terminal defined as an InterFace Module (IFM, for contact chip and pin terminals) and/or as a Proximity Coupling Device (PCD for contactless card terminals). Please see below link for the current Terminal Quality Management Process.

Terminal Quality Management Process

Terminal Quality Management Requirements

Terminal Quality Management Key Changes Summary


Which Payment Terminals and Card Readers have TQM Approval?

Regretfully, we cannot supply you with a list of TQM-approved POS terminals or Card-readers at this time. An online database for M-TIP users is currently under construction and shall be available before the end of the calendar year (Further details shall be published when available). TQM Approval applies to a specific part of a card reader or terminal known as an IFM (contact), or PCD (contactless). IFM means InterFace Module and PCD means Proximity Coupling Device. TQM does not apply to the whole of the terminal or card reader.

Benefits of using TÜV SÜD for payment systems testing

  • We have a long history in terminal approvals for payment systems and can respond quickly to your requirements.
  • You will receive unbiased technical support from leading experts in the field.
  • Type approval will be obtained from a trusted and well respected testing laboratory.


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