life cycle assessment
Webinar live
12 MAR 2024


Online 09:00 GMT

The evolution of the European regulatory environment and the new needs of markets and consumers have pushed companies to include environmental sustainability issues in their production strategies.

In this context, Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) are key tools for a holistic analysis of the environmental impacts of products, processes, and services covering the whole supply chain, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal.

The aim of this webinar is to highlight how LCA projects are carried out and how companies can leverage the outcomes. During the webinar we will use examples, case studies, and practical demonstrations to clearly explain what an LCA project entails and the benefits it brings.

Don't miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge about innovative practices in a strategic field for environmental sustainability. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to our speaker, Matteo Simonetto, in the Q&A and you can also get in touch to schedule a one of one meeting after the webinar.


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