9 FEB 2022

BIM – The Benefits and Tips for Adoption

Online 14:00 GMT

This webinar from TÜV SÜD Building Advisory Service looks at the benefits of BIM and tips to implement within a project or organisation. The webinar is aimed at anyone involved in BIM currently or wanting to adopt the BIM process, whether you are starting out with BIM or looking at next steps to increase efficiency and add value for your clients.

We will look back at the last 15 years of BIM from its inception, through the creation of BIM Level 2, the transition to ISO 19650 and the way forward with the Information Management Mandate and upcoming Building Safety Bill.

We will outline the benefits of BIM from our involvement in projects and adoption of BIM within organisations.

Finally, we will share our tips to efficient and effective BIM adoption, answering the questions you have on next steps.


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