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EU Commission amends fishery food product import rules for myanmar, peru

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has taken steps to loosen import regulations on certain seafood products from Myanmar and Peru.

Published in late October in the Official Journal of the European Union, Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1583 amends Annexes of a 2006 Commission Decision that restricted fishery products from Myanmar and bivalve molluscs from Peru. Those restrictions were implemented due to concerns as to whether sanitary standards and other requirements in each country were consistent with comparable measures in the EU.

In its latest Decision, the Commission noted significant improvement in the controls applicable to the production of aquaculture and fishery products in Myanmar, and therefore moved to permit the importation of these products into the EU without restriction. For Peru, the Commission determined that some improvement in controls had been made, thereby justifying the inclusion of eviscerated aquaculture scallops (scallops) on the list of seafood products permitted for importation.

The complete text of the EU Commission’s Implementing Decision on imported fishery foods from Myanmar and Peru is available here.

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