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Your regular update for technical and industry information

US: Standard ASTM F1004-19 for expansion gates and expandable enclosures published

JUNE 2019 - Relevant for: Hardlines, Toys and children's products

On 11 June 2019, the ASTM Committee published standard ASTM F1004-191 on safety specification for expansion gates and expandable enclosures to minimize hazards to young children when using the products.

This revision includes updating performance requirements, clarifying the test methods, improving warning and instructional material. Highlights of the changes to ASTM F1004-19 is summarized as follows.

  1. Section 6. Performance Requirements
    - Updated the title of subsection 6.3 to ‘Horizontal Push-Out’ and modified its requirements to be one rule for all gates;
    - Added new subsection 6.7 to set the requirements of mounting hardware for pressure mounted gate.
  2. Section 7. Test Methods
    - Specified the horizontal push-out test under subsection 7.9 should be conducted at the maximum opening width recommended by the manufacturer, do not need to test at the minimum width;
    - Rephrased the Note for subsection 7.9 to emphasize the gate should be mounted in the same location in the test fixture for each force application to improve test repeatability.
  3. Section 8. Marking and Labelling
    - Revised the warning examples under subsection 8.4.7;
    - Updated warning and labelling requirements for products that provide wall cups or other hardware to meet horizontal push-out requirement under subsection 6.3.1.
  4. Section 9. Instructional Literature
    - Addressed more specific requirements for the instructions under subsection 9.1;
    - Indicates the signal word and safety alert symbol shall contrast with the background of the signal word panel, and the warnings shall contrast with the background of the instructional literature under subsection 9.2. An example is also provided in Note 12;
    - Allows providing other instructions in addition to the ones specified in this section, but the additional instructions shall not contradict or confuse the meaning of the required information. Additional guidance on the design of warnings to instructions can refer to ANSI Z535.62.

[1] ASTM F1004-19 standard

[2] ANSI Z535.6



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