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Your regular update for technical and industry information

US published ASTM F406-19 standard for non-full-size baby cribs and play yards

MAY 2019 - Relevant for: Toys and children's products

In the United States, non-full-size baby cribs (NFS cribs) and play yards are regulated under 16 CFR 1220 & 1221. The current standard mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for non-full-size baby cribs (NFS cribs) and play yards is ASTM F406 2017 version1, which provides safety and labelling requirements for these two types of products.

Recently, an updated version ASTM F406-192 was published by ASTM Committee. The highlight of the revisions is summarized in Table 1. It’s expected that the Commission will update the mandatory standard of NFS cribs and play yards to ASTM F406-19.

Table 1. Highlight of the revisions to ASTM F406-19


Highlight of revisions

3. Terminology

Added definition of ‘mattress support surface’. This term refers to the internal surface of the play yard which supports the mattress or mattress assembly.

6. Performance Requirements for Rigid Sided Products

Revised the verbiage and requirements for ends and sides of NFS cribs under 6.6 Construction and Finishing.

7. Performance Requirements for Mesh/Fabric Products

Added a Note with the rationale for sub-section 7.9 Mattress Vertical Displacement. The rationale explains that why 5.25 in. (133 mm) measurement was selected.

8. Test Method

Modified the test method under sub-section 8.28 Mattress Vertical Displacement Test and added a secondary method to more appropriately test product designs that sit directly on the floor and do not have a tubular floor support structure. The rationale was also revised to clarify the necessary to add the secondary test method.

[1] USA: CPSC revises the safety standard for non-full-size baby crib and play yards, June 2018

[2] ASTM F406-19 standard


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