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USA: Revision to ASTM F2933, standard consumer safety specification for crib mattresses

September 2018- Relevant for: Softlines, toys and children's products

15 August 2018, F2933-16, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Crib Mattresses was updated to ASTM F2933-18, and published September 2018.

Points to note:

  • Revision to the scope to make the additional requirement related to after-market mattresses more clear
  • Added ASTM F2194 Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and Cradles as a referenced document
  • Added definition for after-market mattresses (Section 3.1.1-
  • Under section 5 General Requirements - added Section “5.8 After-Market Mattress for Play Yard and Non-Full Size Crib” and subsections 5.8.1-
  • Under section 7 Marking and Labeling - added sections
    • “7.5 Additional Marking and Warnings for After-Market Mattress for Mesh/Fabric Sided Products and Rigid Sided Non-Rectangular Products” and subsections 7.5.1-
    • “7.6 Additional Marking and Warnings for After-Market Mattress for Rigid Sided Rectangular Product:” and subsections 7.6.1-
    • “7.7 The following warnings shall appear exactly as stated below:
  • Suffocation Hazard:
    Babies have suffocated:
    • In gaps between wrong-size mattress and side walls of product.
    • Between the side walls and extra padding, such as stacked mattresses.

    ALWAYS check mattress fit by pushing mattress tight to one corner. Look for any gaps between the mattress and the side walls. If this gap is larger than 1 in., the mattress does not fit and should NOT be used.
    NEVER stack with another mattress. Use only ONE mattress.”


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