More than 20 years of growth and success

More than 20 years of growth and success

TÜV SÜD Nederland B.V. is the new name of Railcert B.V.

The change of the name now marks the final step of the company’s integration into TÜV SÜD, but we continue Railcert’s old tradition, guaranteeing continuity in delivering quality and added value. Well still keep up with our commitment to continuously improve and increase our ability to adapt our services to the new or modified customer needs. TÜV SÜD Nederland is a 100% integrated subsidiary of TÜV SÜD’s Business Unit Rail, a world-wide inspection and certification organisation which forms the gateway in the fields of railway know-how, approval and certification.

During the last 20 years Railcert / TÜV SÜD Nederland issued more than 1500 certificates according to the Interoperability Directive. All still valid certificates issued under the name of Railcert BV are managed under the responsibility of TÜV SÜD Nederland BV.

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