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Marcus Sampson

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Industry Experts

Marcus SampsonMarcus Sampson

Business Line Manager, Transport

Tell us about yourself

I’m employed as Business Line Manager for the Transport Sector based out of our market-leading testing facilities in Fareham, Hampshire.

My previous roles include Sales Manager for Sauter Automation looking after the Midlands & south selling class-leading smart buildings automation systems & services to large scale Building Management System projects through the development of a network of Solution Partner system integrators.

My working background includes Sales Manager for Ari-Armaturen, a German control valve and steam equipment specialist; Managing Director for Jumo Instrument Company, a German process controller, temperature, pressure and analytical sensor manufacturer; General Manager of Valvestock, an industrial valve stockist and actuation assembly expert. I also worked as a Director at Wolseley UK looking after major commercial construction projects in London and across the UK specifically leading the off-site modularisation, plant skid and pipework pre-fabrication business.

Academically, I have a BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering attaining a 2:1. This was a sandwich degree, where I spent 15 months working on all aspects of a coal-fired power station.

I also completed an MBA whilst working for ARI-Armaturen. This was a 3-year program studied alongside my working career, evenings and weekends.

I joined TÜV SÜD in December 2021 after the role at Sauter came to an end. I responded to an advert on LinkedIn and applied directly for the role. Whilst my background is not in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry, my experience is directly relevant to the role I do here.

Why did you choose to JOIN TÜV SÜD?

I was aware of and have confidence in the brand as I have worked for a number of German companies & the role aligns with my skills and experience.

Where do you work?

I am based out of Octagon House in Fareham and I work in the office most days as I manage a team there and the labs are there. I have a home office and have the flexibility to work remotely when appropriate.

What are your main areas of expertise?

I have a broad technical background in fluid power and process control. Through my Mechanical Engineering degree and industrial experience, I have a good understanding of engineering principles which supports my understanding of the TIC industry and services we provide. Although I would not consider myself a subject matter expert. In my current role, underpinned by my previous roles in other organisations, I would consider myself a business leader. I am highly experienced in managing teams, delivering business improvement and change management. I specialise in strategic business planning.

What does your role involve?

As Business Line Manager for the Transportation business sector, I have various responsibilities. This includes line manager for the sales and project management teams responsible for quoting and managing the delivery of testing services for this sector. These are usually products used on vehicles (planes, trains, automotive & marine) in the civil and defence sectors.

I am responsible for profit and loss for the transportation business line which encompasses the financial accountability for budgets associated to the labs providing these services. The main lab service lines associated with transport are EMC, Mil-EMC, environmental & mechanical testing. We also provide services for communication, RF, connectivity & global market access. I am directly responsible as the line manager for the team that will manage these programs.

I am also a member of the Board of Management for the Lab Testing business. This is a leadership role associated with the management, strategy, governance, commercial & operational excellence of the lab testing services provided out of the Fareham and Bearley lab locations.

What most interests you about your role?

The opportunity to have an impact on the business and make change happen. The transport business has been an interesting learning curve and the team is very knowledgeable. We’ve shaped the business to meet the shifting customer needs. Our upcoming projects align with making the transport business fit for purpose to meet the needs of new energy vehicles.

What exciting developments have you seen at TÜV SÜD since you started?

Development of our professional commercial tools. This is a development produced in house by our own innovations team to meet the commercial needs of the TÜV SÜD business. The pace with which vehicles are becoming carbon neutral is a great opportunity for TÜV SÜD in the TIC market.

What is your biggest challenge?

From a recruitment perspective, there appears to be a limited pool of candidates locally to the testing labs in Fareham. Shaping our business and its processes to keep pace with the changing needs of the market and customer – this leads to regular change management.

Within the Board of Management, we are working on shaping the UK business to attract new talent into the business. This involves improving the business processes, ways of working and understanding what’s important to our colleagues to make TUVSUD an attractive place to work.

What do you see as the top perk of working for TÜV SÜD?

There are excellent career progression opportunities across the group globally for those who can move (temporarily or permanently). The employee support is the best I have seen throughout my career and there is a robust engagement culture supported via a fully endorsed and management supported social committee.

How have TÜV SÜD supported you?

I have been enrolled in the Advanced Leadership Program.

Describe your fellow workers in five words

Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, experienced, busy.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for a role similar to yours?

Go for it!

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