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Mark O’Connell

Façade Access Consultant

Façade Access Consultant

Mark O'ConnellMark O’Connell

Façade Access Consultant

Tell us about yourself

I started at TÜV SÜD in June 2023 as a Façade Access Consultant. Prior to this I worked as a project manager in the building maintenance unit (BMU) industry for 15 years. My career in the industry started in 2008 when I joined Cento Engineering, who are the sole UK distributor of Manntech BMUs. After seven years at in this role, I took up another project management position with Coxgomyl in November 2015. Coxgomyl was then acquired by Alimak Hek, part of a larger acquisition process which was soon to become known as Alimak Group UK Ltd.

During my time in the industry, I gained working knowledge of BIM through Solidworks, Revit and Navisworks, trained as an internal auditor and managed various landmark multi-system projects. During my time in Coxgomyl/Alimak group, I also started an Open University degree in Engineering which I will completed in the next few years.

Why did you choose to join TÜV SÜD?

During my time as a project manager, I had worked with TÜV SÜD on various projects. I was aware of their excellent reputation and that they offered a great opportunity to progress within the industry.

Where do you work?

I work from home but also conduct site visits for audits and client meetings.

What are your main areas of expertise?

Due to my previous work experience, I would say my expertise is project work. I am able to plan and execute a good project with working knowledge on the relevant H&S legislation and standards.

What does your JOB involve?

My main role is to develop façade access and maintenance reports for our clients who are looking for a means to clean and maintain their building whether it be a new development or an existing building with a system coming to the end of its life. As a Façade Access Consultant, I advise and provide guidance on the safest and most efficient method that best meets their requirements.

What most interests you about your role?

Due to planning restrictions and lines of site, buildings are coming in all different shapes and sizes, and the challenge is to find a solution that fits, is cost-efficient and, most importantly, safe whilst serving its purpose. Every building is bespoke which makes finding the right solution both interesting and exciting.

What is your biggest challenge?

Similarly, what excites and interests me also presents the biggest challenge to us in our role. Façade access and maintenance systems are becoming more bespoke and expected to work within tighter tolerances. The overall design concept, with addition of green roofs, public roof gardens and outdoor seating areas for restaurants/bars, etc., puts emphasis on ensuring consideration is given to not only the health and safety of the operatives using the equipment but the general public which it may also affect.

How have TÜV SÜD supported you?

TÜV SÜD allow me to have flexible working hours which gives me the opportunity to assist on the school run and maintain a good work/home life balance. They have also enabled me to continue progressing in my engineering degree allowing me to develop in my profession further.

Describe your fellow workers in five words

Welcoming, helpful, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.


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