Carl Hunt

UKCA Product Compliance Assessor

UKCA Product Compliance Assessor

Employee spotlight: Carl Hunt, UKCA Product Compliance Assessor

Carl Hunt has been brought into the team to support with UKCA marking as a Product Compliance Assessor helping customers to navigate through the upcoming UKCA requirements. Carl previously spent 10 years within a regulatory team, transferring technical and regulatory knowledge to sales teams, including writing FCC/ISED/CE proposals for Radio, EMC, SAR, BTSIG, and REG services (such as RF Exposure/MPE, permissive changes, certifications). 

“Currently most manufacturers are confused and aren’t sure how to transition from CE marking to UKCA Marking. At TÜV SÜD we’re trying to bring clarity to our customers by supporting them as much as we can through the process with regular webinars, website and blog content.”

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