AI Quality Readiness Analysis

Check your organisation's AI quality readiness

Check your organisation's AI quality readiness

UNderstand your AI Requirements

The road to attain AI quality begins with knowing your current status. We assess your organisation’s readiness to master AI quality either as a developer or user of AI products and systems. Our readiness analysis is based on best practices, latest developments in standardisation and global regulatory efforts.


We analyse your ability to manage AI quality, master AI governance and model quality, optimise AI operations, maintain a reliable data pipeline and proper data management, and comply with existing and upcoming AI standards and regulations.


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you set the base to develop and adopt AI technology at scale.


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Our AI quality and compliance readiness analysis identifies gaps across the entire AI lifecycle, from conceptualisation to implementation and operation. The analysis covers five key quality pillars that are examined throughout the lifecycle:  

  • safety
  • security
  • legal
  • ethics 
  • performance

The outcome is a clear understanding of which quality and compliance requirements are relevant to your organisation and how far you meet these requirements. You build a strategic knowledge of current and upcoming standards and regulations, which is crucial to ensure future market access and assure operability.


With this, you are in the position to start implementing a quality framework (Guided Assessment).


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At TÜV SÜD, we leverage our testing, inspection and certification expertise combined with deep knowledge of Industry 4.0, AI, IoT and Cybersecurity. We set the basis for organisations to systematically plan and implement AI quality, which is essential for AI developers and users to utilise the full potential of this transformative technology.


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AI Quality Guided Assessment

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Artificial Intelligence Quality Training

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