Integrated Commissioning Services

Integrated Commissioning Services

Ensure timely completion, delivery and synchronisation of your project

Ensure timely completion, delivery and synchronisation of your project

What are the challenges in commissioning a project?

To predict the desired outcome of project during commissioning stage is a big challenge for owners and operators. The performance of operations of the project is key to achieve financial success. Owners and operators need to ensure that the project reaches its guaranteed operability for all important and critical factors like performance, safety, traceability, reliability and quality. So many vendors are involved in a project, when it goes to the commissioning stage, all the multiple equipment, systems and controls come together to operate in a synchronized manner. Any lapse in quality and reliability can prove to be detrimental for the startup of the project. The operating costs can rapidly escalate if the vendors do not meet the contractual conditions and this results in a delay in the plant startup. Hence, for day to day operation it is important to establish an efficiency baseline for major equipment and to rule out all possible reasons for increased operation costs due to losses. In order to achieve a successful startup and sustained operation, it’s important to deploy the right professional experts to supervise the project commissioning, delivery and synchronization.

Why are commissioning services important? 

The secured, planned and systematic handover of a plant or unit from the constructor to the owner or operator is called the commissioning stage of a project. Important tests like performance test and final acceptance test along with commissioning supervision provides a means for owners and operators to attain maximum efficiency and reduce operating costs. It helps identify any shortfalls in the efficiency and capacity of the plant and suggests recommendations for recovery. It helps to minimize risk of equipment and system failure and boosts productivity. These tests ensure that your operating costs are curtailed, and the productivity continues in an unhampered manner as the risk of unplanned shutdown is mitigated. 

How can we help you?

TÜV SÜD is the leading provider of technical services for final acceptance test, performance test and supervision for a project in commissioning stage. We offer independent execution and third-party supervision of performance testing for all types of components such as gas and steam turbines, boilers, condensers, cooling towers and gas compressors. We also ensure that all your contractual conditions are met by your vendors and there is no delay in the startup and synchronization of the plant. This helps to reduce unplanned and expensive downtime of plant due to equipment or system failure. We implement a comprehensive suite of digital and practical solutions with the help of our experienced experts to ensure that you have a hassle-free and seamless plant startup. 


Quick overview of service portfolio

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What do integrated commissioning services involve?

  • Final Acceptance Test – TÜV SÜD carries out independent evaluation of Final Acceptance Test (FAT) during the commissioning phase to demonstrate completion of the plant, as well as correctness and high quality of work. This involves review of design, labelling of equipment and visual inspection of the facility. The results of the FAT are then presented in a detailed report. 
  • Performance Guarantee Test – TÜV SÜD reviews test procedures and programmes for verification of contractual guarantees, executes acceptance tests and measurements in compliance with the requirements of international codes and standards. We also perform computation and evaluation of performance test measurements. Our reports on test measurements include statements concerning the fulfilment of guarantees. We also offer measurements and evaluation of condition after retrofitting, as well as periodic measurements and performance monitoring.
  • Commissioning Supervision – Our experts are deployed to supervise commissioning activity at site and to ensure all equipment, systems and controls are synchronized properly. Our experts ensure trouble free startup of operation.

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Your business benefits

  • Gain confidence in plant performance – through reproducible, rapidly delivered results regarding plant efficiency, desired output, consumption figures and performance parameters of major components.
  • Work with an expert partner – through systematic involvement of our experienced teams with specialised technical support of plant performance issues.
  • Improve safety – and ensure productivity with the help of our digitally driven tools and experts that help you to commission your project within the stipulated timeline.
  • Synchronize your project – by ensuring that your systems, equipment and controls are inter connected and work cohesively without the risk of shut downs
  • Strengthen your competitive edge – by partnering with a globally renowned third-party service provider that has a strong reputation for quality, safety and sustainability.
  • Ensure trouble free start up – with our multidiscipline commissioning experts.
  • Expedite project – commissioning by avoiding unplanned and cost intensive plant downtime that hampers productivity.
  • Seamless system integration – of safety critical applications and equipment ensures that the risk of accidents and delays is mitigated. 
  • Reduce operability costs – by ensuring that your equipment, systems and controls are as per the standard requirements.  

Why Choose TÜV SÜD?

A third-party technical service provider, TÜV SÜD has a strong reputation for independence and engineering excellence. Our pool of talent includes interdisciplinary expertise in business, real estate and technical subjects, as well as familiarity with national and international standards and regulations. This ensures accuracy and reliability of the testing and advisory services provided and helps you to make informed decisions. With our integrated commissioning services, our experts give a credible review of guaranteed conditions, assess non-conformities and serve as expert witnesses for technical mediation and moderation. Our long-standing involvement in the development of technical directives and standards ensures that we are well acquainted with the latest techniques and regulatory updates and evolving market conditions.