Safety of EV Battery

Safety Requirements of Li-Ion Battery for EV Cars - What, Why and Where?

On-demand webinar

On-demand webinar


The rise of electric vehicles is the most disruptive transformation the automotive industry has ever seen. A rapid pace of innovation has brought electric vehicles to the brink of mass market availability. While numbers of cars on the road are increasing on a high pace, safety of battery systems are now even more important for all stakeholders involved: Customer confidence is key for the long-term market success. 

Discover the safety requirements of Li-Ion battery for EV cars from TÜV SÜD experts.


  • Opportunities and challenges with xEV batteries.

  • Identify potential improvement areas in existing lithium-ion battery configurations.

  • Understand key safety and performance requirement of lithium-ion battery for xEV.

  • Understand testing methods to undertake for lithium-ion battery.

Points to be covered:

  • General Requirements for Battery Testing – What, Why and Where?
  • Insights on Testing Methods
  • Q&A 

About the speakers

  • Sebastian Cerne - CTO, e-Mobility

Mr. Cerne got a Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering and a Master Degree of Engineering in Electric Energy System and Electromobility. He has hands on experience in battery testing for more than 5 years especially in cell, module and PHEV/EV-battery in the scope of abuse-, performance- and endurance testing.

  • Subject Matter Expert (Battery Testing), e-Mobility.