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Key insights on ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Standard

Powering the Future with TÜV SÜD: Episode #4

Powering the Future with TÜV SÜD: Episode #4

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In this inaugural episode of our v-blog series, Dr. T. Chithra, a qualified AFSE (Functional safety expert) from TÜV SGS Germany, shares her views on ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Standard and how it has become an essential science to be followed in the entire Automotive supply chain. Also in this episode: Importance of ISO 26262, Concept of SEOOC (Safety Element out of Context), Product/Process Certification.


  • 01min 35 sec – Introduction to Automotive Functional Safety 
  • 03min 28 sec – About ISO 26262 Standard
  • 05min 28 sec – Importance of ISO 26262 as a Functional Safety Standard
  • 06min 36 sec – How do we implement the Standard?
  • 12min 32 sec – Supporting process and management activities
  • 13min 50 sec – The concept of SEooC (Safety Element out of Context)
  • 14min 25 sec – Product and Process Certification
  • 18min 33 sec – Conclusion


  1. “ISO 26262 standard not just provides process-oriented guidelines but also product related design guidelines in terms of specific methods of design, verification and testing.”
  2. “Whenever we talk about safety, risk comes along. Thus, the risk associated with any failure in the automotive domain is measured by Automotive Safety Integrity Level represented by ASIL. There are 4 risk levels namely ASIL A ASIL B ASIL C and ASIL D. ASIL A requires the least safety measures and ASIL D requires the highest safety measures.”
  3. “The SEooC – Safety Element Out of Context – which is a key concept introduced in ISO 26262 helps the designer to get the necessary component HW or SW or System (as a combination of HW and SW) with preassigned ASIL which certainly reduces the effort in compliance proof for those particular components in the design.”


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