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WHAT IS ISO 30500?

ISO 30500 focuses on establishing requirements and providing guidance for the design and safety of non-sewered sanitation systems that treat and manage the contents onsite.

These systems are designed to serve areas where conventional sewer-based sanitation infrastructure is not feasible or cost-effective.

ISO 30500 aims to ensure the performance, safety, and sustainability of non-sewered sanitation systems, contributing to improved sanitation practices globally.

It provides a valuable framework for manufacturers, regulators, and users to assess and implement effective non-sewered sanitation solutions globally.

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The Sanitation Readiness Index (SRI) is a platform designed for manufacturers and technology owners of non-sewered sanitation systems seeking ISO 30500 certification. This assessment platform is purpose-built for seamless compliance with ISO 30500, leading users through progressive levels of compliance based on their responses.

Our platform is technology agnostic, designed to support systems at any stage of technological maturity and offers a clear roadmap for compliance regardless of technological maturity. The following outlines five key benefits.

iso 30500

Certification Pathways

There are two possible pathways to ISO 30500 certification. Pathway 1 consist of utilising SRI as a tool to progress through compliance levels prior to applying for full certification. Pathway 2 would be a direct application for ISO 30500 certification.

Pathway 1

Regardless of the system’s technology maturity level, Pathway 1 is the recommended choice for all owners NSSS seeking certification. Through the utilization of the Sanitation Readiness Index (SRI), both the system's performance and accompanying documentation undergo an automated assessment and evaluation process, subsequently reviewed by our specialists. The resulting output report provides a clear indication of the system's readiness for certification, pinpointing any identified gaps and proposing corrective actions to achieve full compliance. This approach guarantees that users gain comprehensive insight into the proximity of their system to full compliance.

iso 30500

Pathway 2


NSSS owners who are confident in their system’s compliance to the standard may contact us directly for ISO 30500 certification.

iso 30500

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