Agile software development and functional safety workshop

Learn to overcome the challenges of agile software development with a safe agile framework, in the context of functional safety

Learn to overcome the challenges of agile software development with a safe agile framework, in the context of functional safety


Agile software development principles, methodologies and frameworks (like SCRUM and SAFe for instance) use an iterative approach, allowing for solutions that can be easily adapted to meet rapidly evolving business needs while delivering competitive advantage.

Agile software development in safety critical areas not only requires an exceptionally good knowledge of the market, fast working speeds and a high level of transparency in the software development process, but also a high level of safety awareness from developers.

Our TÜV SÜD experts have a wealth of experience across diverse projects and industries in the integration of agile methods and safe agile frameworks, particularly in the development and design of safety related software (including SCRUM).

WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES FOR a safe AGILE framework in the software development process?

While agile software development principles enable rapid paced development, all necessary functional safety and quality requirements coming from the IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 25119, EN 50128, and so on, which follow a more traditional linear phase-based process model, must be fulfilled at the same time.

Providing conformity to these standards while keeping efficient methods and an agile framework in place can be challenging. Functional safety standards define requirements for the software life cycle and the documentation which need to be met. But the standards also provide freedom in the process and product implementation and consequently in specification and tailoring of the software life cycle. However, fulfilling the requirements of functional safety standards for documentation and the software development life cycle can be challenging, so developers need to be aware of the basic principles of functional safety software development. 

OUR WORKSHOP ON Agile development in the context of functional safety

Our workshop addresses the above-mentioned challenges of agile development in the context of functional safety. 

Who should take part in our workshop?

This workshop is mainly aimed at project and safety managers, safety engineers, plus developers with a basic knowledge of functional safety and with an interest in combining the agile development mentality with the key principle of safe development with functional safety software.


Our workshop provides an overview of the functional safety requirements in the phases of the software development life cycle and the required documentation and provides insights into potential issues with respect to agile development and possible countermeasures.

These topics will be discussed first from a functional safety point of view and then applied to a concrete example provided by the customer.

Specific challenges like the handling of backlog, team organisation and responsibility, definition of done, and so on, with respect to functional safety will be addressed and discussed as well.

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