Live Working for Qualified Electricians for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles — Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers — Level 3

Inhouse Training2 DaysAdvanced

Participants in this course will:

  • Gain expert knowledge for specific tasks that require live working.
  • During the application process of electric vehicles, you can determine measured data in going concern.
  • Enlarge your range of missions in the field of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Qualified electricians with safe handling of high voltage systems in motor vehicles and either HV safety Level 2b or Level 2c qualification.

▪ Accident statistics

▪ Terminology for working under live conditions

▪ Problems in automotive engineering

▪ Regulations and standards

▪ Implementation in the company

▪ Personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools

▪ Conduct in the event of accidents

▪ Preparation for practical training

▪ Practical training

▪ Examination

Having successfully completed the education as an electrically qualified person for HV-systems, you shall now work on R&D processes of your cars and determine measurement data on running operations. As live working is only allowed under exceptional circumstances, you will be qualified for those special tasks. By joining our trainings, you will be able to enlarge your responsibilities and skills to equip your-self for the future challenges of electro mobility.

Students in this course must have successfully completed training as a qualified electrician for HV systems in motor vehicles.

Instructor-led in a classroom.

Qualified electricians with Level 2b or 2c qualification.

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