Introduction to Industry 4.0 (I4.0)

Instructor-led Training1 DayBeginner

Learners acquire knowledge on the benefits and key elements of I4.0, key technologies for smart factories, as well as the enabling design principles that support companies in identifying and implementing various I4.0 scenarios.

Professionals working in a manufacturing environment that leads to the production of goods and service who are keen to learn and implement Industry 4.0 in their organization.

Learning 1: What is Industry 4.0?

Learning 2: The 3 key elements in Industry 4.0:
  • Vertical Integration
  • Horizontal Integration
  • Integrated Product Life Cycle
Learning 3: Design Principles of Industry 4.0
Learning 4: Key technologies for Smart Factory with real-life case studies

The 4th industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 (I4.0), is a confluence of different technologies and the seamless connection between the digital and the real world. Today, it is not about why companies need to adopt digital transformation, but when. However, with the plethora of buzz words from Industrial Internet of Things to Digital Twin to Vertical Integration, it can be confusing what these technologies mean for the manufacturing industry.

This course provides learners with a foundational overview of the 4th Industrial Revolution, introducing its history, key elements and design principles, and an in-depth discussion with case studies of key technologies for the smart factory.

Receive a foundational overview on the topic of I4.0

Instructor-led training in a virtual classroom. This means the course is Live Online. Participants will learn through online teaching. Lectures, case studies, group exercises, discussions, problem solving, examples with explanation, assignments and/or quizzes happen in the virtual classroom training. Participants need to connect to the class from any internet accessible location. Each module is delivered live using webinar technology, creating a virtual classroom learning environment. Live sessions provide you with direct access to the trainer so you can ask questions, understand concepts and share ideas with peers. Webcam and microphone are REQUIRED to interact with the instructor and/or other participants.

Certificate of Attendance

No pre-requisite required.

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