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Achieve Process Safety with TÜV SÜD

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

What is Process Safety?

Process safety helps companies in process industries to eliminate or control risks in their facilities and comply with the highest standards of safety. Our services in Process Safety help pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and metal & wood manufacturing companies discover potential weak points in their processes that could lead to explosions or damage.

Depending on what your company produces, it might involve:

  •  Risk analysis
  •  Thermal process safety testing
  •  Explosion protection strategies
  •  Electrostatic risk prevention
  •  Tests and analysis on-site or in laboratories

Achieving excellence begins with a process safety concept. This helps companies in process industries to understand and then reduce the risks in their production lifecycle.

For companies that work with volatile, explosive or hazardous materials, it is vital to ensure that the safest practices are being followed to reduce the chances of fires and damage to products, facilities or injuries to staff.

Process hazard analysis can be complex, and many organisations struggle to implement the highest standards of safety. An external partner like TÜV SÜD can therefore provide an invaluable service, offering impartial advice and guidance on risk reduction measures.

Why is Process Safety Relevant?

Process safety services offer manufacturers multiple benefits. They help you understand the potential risks involved in your production processes and help you minimise or eliminate those risks. This means you:

Reduce the chances of fire or explosions
Generate and implement fire and explosion protection documents

Identify risks
Follow a risk analysis process to discover weak points in your production cycles

Reduce the risk of damage and injury
Industrial fires and explosions can cause immense damage to property and injure your employees. Avoid these risks through due diligence

Spot risks in advance
A process safety audit helps identify potential risks such as chemical reaction hazards early and helps you implement strategies to avoid them

Stay compliant
Ensure workplace safety and compliance with all relevant regulations

TÜV SÜD is a Global Leader in Process Safety Auditing and Consulting

TÜV SÜD has unparalleled experience in process hazard analysis, auditing and consulting. Our experts have helped develop process safety standards, producing regular technical publications including Francis Stoessel’s key reference books on the topic.

With our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, long experience of the Swiss market (through our 40+ years of Swissi heritage) and approach to continuous innovation to process safety testing, we understand the issues you face.

We know that every process is unique and that many manufacturers simply do not have the time to resolve each and every issue. We take a pragmatic, holistic approach, and create bespoke solutions for your processes.

By working with a trusted, highly experienced outside partner, you get a second opinion on how processes can be made safer.

We are proud of our unique position in the market. Working with us means you have a trusted partner who has:

  • Our own lab
  • Swissi heritage
  • A global leader in testing, inspection and certification
  • Based in Switzerland with international footprint
  • Knowledge of the Swiss and global market
  • Highly experienced consultants and technical experts
  • Regular technical publications
  • Continuously innovating and developing new ways of testing in our lab

What do our process hazard analysis services include?

Process safety is complex, but our comprehensive solutions provide you with the full range of services and advice which ensure that your processes are as safe as they can be.

TÜV SÜD emphasises working closely with you to understand your specific processes and then we create bespoke services to match your needs.

Each client is different, so whether you produce pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and agricultural products or offer research and insurance services, your specific needs will be unique. Rest assured that we have experience in your field and can produce a process safety audit checklist project which matches your needs.

We provide a wide variety of services which fit into the following broad areas:

Laboratory services

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is fully equipped for:

  • Conducting explosion safety tests and produce ATEX explosion protection documents
  • Safety data determination
  • CLP, Reach and GHS testing
  • Fire protection testing
  • Storage assessment
  • Major accidents and dispersion modelling

Consulting services

Our consultants are experts in the field. They take a pragmatic approach, working closely with you to provide:

  • ATEX related services including explosion protection documents
  • Chemical reaction hazard assessments
  • Risk analysis of plants
  • Process safety audit training
  • Electrostatic and FIBC certification
  • Pressure relief systems design


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