Health and Supplement Products

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

What is health and supplement product assurance?

Consumers are demanding clear verification that the food and dietary supplements, health foods, nutraceuticals, and alternative medicines that their families use meet, and even exceed, all regulatory requirements. 

Quality control in the health and supplement industry addresses safety and quality throughout the entire supply chain. Auditing, testing and inspection of the product at each stage verifies that it satisfies a wide range of national and international food safety and regulatory requirements.

Our health and supplement product testing involves analysing nutrients present in water and auditing the production process, among other activities. We offer supplement certification services to evaluate the purity, composition, and potency of the product to certify that the product meets the standard requirements.

Why is health and supplement product safety important?

Testing, inspection, auditing, and supplement certification of food supplements and health products have become crucial for product development, manufacturing and distribution. While proving that products are safe for human consumption is vital, demonstrating a product’s efficacy to prove health claims made for promotional purposes is a key element in gaining a competitive advantage in this increasingly crowded marketplace.

Dietary supplement certification enables manufacturers and retailers to easily adopt the latest regulations and comply with the legal requirements of multiple markets across the globe.


  • Mitigate risk – by minimising quality and safety issues with our supplement product testing.

  • Save time and money – TÜV SÜD is a one-stop solutions provider that can serve your company’s need.

  • Shorten time to market – with the help of our sophisticated infrastructure and advance knowledge of regulations.

  • Enhanced quality and productivity – TÜV SÜD works with you along the entire product development lifecycle to ensure compliance to national and international standards.

  • Inspire confidence – with our supplement quality control that ensures your products and processes comply with national and international standards; you inspire greater confidence in your buyer.

TÜV SÜD’s services for health and supplement products

We offer comprehensive supplement quality control assurance services to certify that your health and supplement products are fully compliant with all relevant regulations. Our services include:

  • Testing
  • Sampling & Inspection

  • Auditing & certification
  • Label review and regulatory support
    • Our experts have in-depth understanding of country-specific import and export regulatory requirements to help customers expedite access to global markets

We undertake extensive dietary supplement testing to ensure that the products comply with the regulations and accurate nutritional information.


With many manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking to differentiate their products, TÜV SÜD’s range of services will reassure your customers that products have been independently assessed for compliance. Our global reach and state of-the-art laboratories help you to rapidly achieve traceability and quality assurance across your entire supply chain. Our specialist knowledge of regulations and testing expertise means that we ensure your products comply with international and national requirements, including Chinese, Japanese, US FDA and EU standards.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What certifications are there for health supplements?

    There are four supplement certifications for health supplements: Third-party GMP Certification, Organic Certification, Kosher Certification, and Halal Certification. These certifications are necessary as they prove the authenticity of supplement nutrition information through supplement product testing and check whether the item is safe to consume.

  • What license is required to sell health supplements?

    There is no separate license available to sell health supplements; however, to manufacture nutrition and health supplements, you need to acquire an FSSAI license. It is compulsory to obtain a food license to know the regulations and food safety standards.

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