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Since its foundation in 1866, sustainable and responsible actions aimed at protecting people and the environment have been the pillar of TÜV SÜD’s corporate objectives. For over 155 years, we have enabled progress by protecting people, the environment and assets from technology-related risks. We support and shape technological transformation, constantly adjusting and aligning our services with the goal of guaranteeing optimum safety and security as well as efficient business operations. By doing so, we constantly reaffirm our commitment to our founding principles.

At TÜV SÜD we are very clear about our goal: to live up to our responsibility as a company, and to shape the future in a sustainable manner. Many of our services have contributed to this goal: our certificates and certification marks confirm the safety, security, and efficiency of infrastructure and equipment, assure the quality of products and processes, and make performance transparent.


To enable progress in sustainable development, we partner our customers to fulfil their commitment to employees, customers and environment with a holistic portfolio of corporate sustainability services. Through our services - auditing & system certification, inspection, testing & product certification, advisory and training services, we aim to inspire trust in the safety of sustainable technologies and boost credibility of processes, products, and systems. Our services are embedded in sustainability, helping to establish trust and ensure safety in today and tomorrow’s sustainable development.


Implementing an enterprise sustainability programme and adopting corporate sustainability management practices can significantly benefit your business. Integrating sustainability into your operations can enhance your brand reputation, attract environmentally conscious customers, and differentiate yourself in the market.

Sustainability initiatives can also lead to cost savings through improved resource efficiency and waste reduction. Furthermore, a strong sustainability program can enhance employee engagement, attract top talent, and foster innovation within your organisation. Overall, enterprise sustainability can help drive long-term business success by balancing environmental, social, and economic considerations.

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Sustainability Buildings

Training and Capacity Building

Sustainability Certification Program I Decarbonisation I ESG I Sustainability Reporting I Sustainable Supply Chain

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Validation Services

ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement I ISO 20600 Social Responsibility Implementation Assessment I ISO 30415 Diversity and Inclusion I DIN SPEC 91436 Zero Waste Certification

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GRI sustainability reporting

Verification Services

Sustainability Reporting Verification I Carbon Footprint Verification I ISO 14040 Series Verification I BRSR Sustainability Indicator Verification I HIGG FEM Self-assessment Verification

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Sustainability Energy

Customised Sustainability Services

Customised ESG Assessment I Materiality Assessment I DIN SPEC 91436 Zero Waste Certification

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TÜV SÜD is a preferred choice for corporate sustainability management systems due to its expertise, credibility, and comprehensive services. At TÜV SÜD, we have a strong track record in providing reliable sustainability solutions, including auditing and certification services. Our extensive experience and global recognition make us a trusted partner for organisations seeking to establish and enhance their corporate sustainability management systems.


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