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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Cooperation with DRIVESEC: Focusing on cybersecurity standards for vehicle components

Cybersecurity plays an important role in the design and development of automotive control units right from their earliest stages. In this context, TÜV SÜD is now embarking on a far-reaching cooperation with Italian cybersecurity company DRIVESEC. By offering Cybersecurity Assessment for Automotive Components, a service programme developed jointly by TÜV SÜD and DRIVESEC, the experts now support manufacturers of components such as controllers, software and hardware components throughout their design and development cycles. The programme of services aims at ensuring compliance with all relevant standards and regulatory acts right from the start and throughout manufacturing and operation.

CybersecurityThis new cooperation sends out a clear signal in favour of introduction of automated driving in major international markets. It emphasises our leading position as a provider of third-party services for the cybersecurity of connected and automated road vehicles. The DRIVESEC experts are perfect partners for TÜV SÜD’s service programme, Cybersecurity Assessment for Automotive Components. Together, we will provide our customers with comprehensive support that will help them to protect their components.

The Cybersecurity Assessment for Automotive Components programme includes third-party assessment and evaluation of protection levels of control devices and hardware and software components. In their assessment, the experts verify compliance with all relevant security standards, including established standards and standards still under development, but also regulatory acts and guidance documents concerning cybersecurity. In this context, the experts from TÜV SÜD can draw on their extensive experience in international standardisation committees and their participation in current standardisation projects, such as the ISO/SAE 21434 standard on cybersecurity engineering for road vehicles and ISO 24089 for software updates. 

Under the programme, the experts from TÜV SÜD and DRIVESEC supply manufacturers with a detailed technical security report which pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of products and processes and gives specific recommendations for improving overall security and quality. The Cybersecurity Assessment for Automotive Components programme rounds off our broad portfolio of services related to cybersecurity for road vehicles.

The Italian cybersecurity company DRIVESEC, headquartered in Turin, focuses on developing products and solutions designed to provide security for the Internet of Things (IoT). In our connected and digital world, DRIVESEC's products protect against cyberattacks, thus safeguarding the development of a secure digital economy. The company's core business comprises security for IoT equipment, protection for wireless communication, administration of digital user identities and secure access to sensitive data in compliance with data-protection regulations (GDPR).

For more information please contact Matthias Wachs, Lead Engineer Cybersecurity & Connectivity

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