Homologation of Automated Vehicles: The Regulatory Challenge

White paper

White paper

How To close the regulatory gap of current automotive regulations and Standards for autonomous vehicles

The homologation of automated and connected vehicles according to global regulations is essential for their safe and reliable development and deployment around the world. But existing regulatory safety frameworks applicable to conventional vehicles and their components are insufficient to fully assess the operational characteristics of current and future automated vehicle technologies. As with increasing automation vehicles transform into cyber-physical systems that no longer require a human driver, new safety challenges will have to be considered. This paper discusses those challenges and presents a six-point approach for developing of a regulatory framework that can effectively support homologation for automated vehicles. 

Why download the white paper?

  • Get information about the development from "automobile" to a "cyber-physical system"
  • Get an overview of existing regulations and the regulatory gap with regard to automated vehicles
  • Gain insights into our six-point approach for developing future homologation and approval regulations for automated vehicles
  • Find out more about how TÜV SÜD is contributing to a safer, driverless future

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