IEC 61511/ 61508 Functional Safety Certification Program

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  • 21st - 24th July 2021 : Training and Certification on Functional Safety in accordance with IEC 61511/ 61508 FSCP – FSEr Level 1
    11.30 am to 7.30 pm | 4 Days


New technologies and extended functionalities in the process industry means that ever more safety relevant electronic system must be developed. It is not only the number of electronic components and systems that is increasing, but also their complexity and the safety requirements which will apply to them. IEC 61511 which sets out practices in the engineering of system that ensures the safety of an industrial process through the use of instrumentation. Such systems are referred to as Safety instrumented system.

Employers must train and certify their functional safety employees to meet the demands of the business and  standards. The FSCP confirms the individual as an expert in the Process industry and is a highly sought-after  qualification. For a business, having a team of certified professionals demonstrates its commitment to functional safety and fulfills one of the requirements of IEC 61508- IEC 61511 qualification.

Safety standard IEC 61511 requires companies to ensure that persons entrusted with functional safetytasks possess a sufficient degree of competence and that they are suitably qualified. TÜV SÜD South Asia  provides training and certification solutions for  working professionals involved in SIS.  TÜV SÜD South Asia has the expertise and necessary professional knowledge to train your People in all key aspects of functional safety.

FSCP is an ideal program to become a certified expert in functional safety.

  • Module 1 - Risk Analysis to System Design
  • Module 2 - Development/Testing of Safety-Relevant Software according to IEC 61508
  • Module 3 - System Assessment According to IEC 61508
  • Module 4 - Analysis Methods for Reliability Determination
  • Module 5 - Specification and Development of Software Tools According to IEC 61508
  • Module 6 - Specification and development of software tools according to IEC 61511
  • Module 7 - SIL verification and validation workshop


The process safety training program is designed as combined one capsule on different modules based on years of practical experience in the field of Functional Safety and participation in relevant standardization committees. The course imparts you required knowledge relating to the existing IEC 61508:2010/61511:2017 standards for safety-relevant electrical / electronic systems.


The IEC 61511 program is included with lots of practice and exercise sessions which are very much useful for your better understanding and implementation level at your work

  • Introduction to SIL determination using SIL determination spreadsheet/Software
  • Case study using SIL determination spreadsheet. /Software
  • Introduction to Professional SIL study Software
  • Case study by using SIL software.


  • Control engineers
  • Safety engineers
  • System integrators
  • EPCs
  • Managers of engineering departments
  • Sales representatives for safety, products, systems and services
  • Sales engineers and managers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Anybody who wants to get their functional safety knowledge certified


  • TÜV SÜD with its premium brand provides one stop solutions in the area of functional safety from training to assessment of tool kits and projects
  • TÜV SÜD Provides one stop solution in the area of Functional safety from training to assessment of tool kits and projects
  • Expert knowledge: The courses are held exclusively by senior experts and focus not only on the content of norms and standards, but on practical applications and IEC 61511 training courses provide in-depth cross industry expertise on embedded systems, taking safety aspects into considerations

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