Global supply chain compliance

Global Supply Chain Compliance

Guarantee the quality of your products

Guarantee the quality of your products

Achieving global supply chain compliance

Manufacturers, retailers, importers and buying agents of textiles, clothing, leather and footwear must contend with ever-increasing consumer demands for consistent product quality. These stakeholders are also expected to keep up with the latest regulatory requirements while ensuring that their network of suppliers provides goods that meet the agreed specifications for safety, quality and quantity. To address these challenges, it is beneficial to engage solutions for testing, inspection and auditing that cover all aspects of your global supply chain while allowing you to remain cost competitive in the face of a tough global economic climate.

Why are the global supply chain solutions important?

A global supply chain solution can help you to manage and prevent failures such as dimensional stability; pilling; low tear/ tensile strength; the presence of PCP, formaldehyde or organotin compounds; colour fastness to crocking; and colour fastness to washing, among others. By preventing these failures from the onset, you can mitigate cost overruns and keep your business on track, ensuring compliance to relevant standards and consumer satisfaction.

Our global supply chain services:

  • Casual analyses  – Our experts can assist you in analysing the supplier’s product failure patterns to identify any weaknesses and causes of failure. Once the failure points are identified, we then proceed with targeting the root cause of supplier failures.
  • Bespoke solutions– We can develop customised solutions to address existing issues within the system and reduce the chance of relapses or other systemic failures.
  • Supplier training–  Our team can train your suppliers to ensure they are equipped and prepared to deal with the varied components under their care.
  • Chemical data management system (CDMS) – TÜV SÜD offers Chemical Data Management System (CDMS) services to collect precise information about a supplier’s chemical inventory, industrial processing, materials, regulations and testing data in order to assist you in unearthing existing and potential risks.


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