TÜV SÜD is committed to supporting companies harness the potential of I4.0 and accelerate the transformation of the industrial sectors. Working closely with industry leaders, stakeholders and government authorities, and with more than 300 projects of multinational corporations, and small, medium sized businesses, we are ready to journey with you as the trusted partner to embark on a safe, secure and reliable I4.0 transformation. 

Industry 4.0 Enablement Programme for helping organisations to initiate digital transformation

Leveraging on the successful delivery of the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI), TÜV SÜD’s Industry 4.0 Enablement Programme is established to support organisations in initiating their I4.0 transformation journey spanning across organisation, process and technology.


At TÜV SÜD, we equip industry professionals with the necessary knowledge and skillset on Industry 4.0, enabling them to support their organisations in their digital transformation journey as well as in training individuals to be able to professionally assess a manufacturing facility in its I4.0 transformation journey.

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