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Understanding the Status of the Certificate

Granting of certificate:

Prior to granting a certificate to an organization, the certificate needs to be evaluated based on the following criteria’s:

a) the details obtained after the evaluation is done should match the requirements and scope of the certificate
b) closure of all the major non-conformities
c) the corrective actions suggested or planned for the minor non-conformities need to be closed or reviewed.

After all the above criteria’s have been investigated thoroughly, the certification will be granted.

Suspension of certificate:

For an organization already certified by TÜV SÜD, suspension of the certificate shall be based on:

a) the certified organization has constantly failed to comply with the needs of the management system standard.
b) Hampering of the audits and recertification by the certified organization.
c) Requesting for suspension by choice.

Suspension makes the certificate temporarily invalid. The reason due to which the certificate has been suspended, is solved within a specified time, the certificate can be restored otherwise it would result in complete withdrawal or reduction in the scope of certification.

Withdrawal of Certificate:

Withdrawal of certificate is possible in the following cases if:

a) The issue which resulted in the suspension of certificate has not been effectively resolved in the stipulated time.
b) The organization does not adhere to TÜV SÜD’s terms and conditions.
c) The organization requests to withdraw by choice.
d) The services or products have not been delivered within the given scope of certification.

Refusal of Certificate:

TÜV SÜD has the authority to refuse the application for certification in case, if:

a) The organization has failed to meet the needs and expectations of the appropriate standard, rule or scheme or with the any of the action points mentioned in the contract.
b)The services have been maneuvered in order to misguide.

Reducing the scope of certificate:

There can be a reduction in the scope of certification if the organization fails to provide the products and services falling within the scope. If an organization does not restrict itself to resolve the issue due to which suspension has been provided with the given timeline, the score of certificate is reduced if it’s affecting only parts of certificate scope.

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