Environmental Parameters for ISO 30500 and Recommended Methods Part 3

Environmental Parameters for ISO 30500 and Recommended Methods - Part 3



The Sustainable Sanitation Team at TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore will be sharing the key requirements of ISO 30500 standard, specific test method interpretations, technical challenges of specific parameters and illustration of best practices through case studies.


ISO 30500:2018, a standard for prefabricated non-sewered sanitation systems, is set to become the marquee performance standard for manufacturers to ensure that their systems are safe for human health and the environment. With continued country adoption, manufacturers will find increased value in attaining ISO 30500 certification to gain market penetration in this sector.

TÜV SÜD offers a certification readiness assessment (CRA) that provides manufacturers with gap analysis of your prototype. The CRA will also provide you with clear and defined steps for improvement to ensure you understand how to refine your system to achieve certification to ISO 30500.  

About the Environmental Parameters in ISO 30500

In this webinar, our speaker will be presenting the environmental chemical parameters for the effluent requirements of ISO 30500. The treatment of effluent is vital before it is discharged or reused as it may cause harmful effects to human health and environment. The importance of the required parameters will be addressed as well as the recommended standard methods.

Points to be covered

1. Learn the intricacies of testing for environmental parameters from the team that has completed the most comprehensive ISO 30500 testing.
2. Develop an understanding about the importance of chemical levels in effluent from the team’s Executive Chemist.
3. Q & A Session

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