Cybersecurity in the Digital Ecosystem

Cybersecurity in the Digital Ecosystem

On-demand Webinar

On-demand Webinar

In the digital era, businesses and products could face the risks of cyberattacks and exploitation by attackers. This event will cover the topics of the product security requirements, secure development process, risk assessment and organisation information security management, regulatory requirements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks, and knowledge sharing of product and industrial cybersecurity standards. 

TÜV SÜD will bring together cybersecurity professionals, system integrators, asset owners and product manufacturers from all sectors and IT/OT industries. These experts will share their management strategy experience in handling the organisation and products' cybersecurity requirements and industries' outlook and challenges in ASEAN.

This on-demand webinar is relevant to both technical experts (Session 1) and non-technical stakeholders (Session 2) of cybersecurity for the organisation and products. 

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Session 1:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity
  • Customer Sharing of Their Cybersecurity Journey
  • Prepare and Protect Your Devices (IoT and OT) 
  • Q & A session

Session 2: 

  • Keynote: Cybersecurity in the Digital Ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation
  • The Right Certification for You
  • Inspiring Trust through Your Product in Digital Ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity Industry Outlook and Challenges
  • Roundtable Discussion

Who should attend the session

  • Product manufacturers
  • System integrators of industrial automation and control system  
  • Asset owners of corporate network or control system  
  • Compliance personnel 
  • Security stakeholders 
  • Business owners 

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