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WIKA becomes first to receive ISO 19443 Certification in Germany

ISO 19443 certification supports worldwide nuclear business expansion

ISO 19443 certification supports worldwide nuclear business expansion


ISO 19443 certification supports worldwide nuclear business expansion

“ISO 19443 certification is essential for any company that is serious about doing business in the global nuclear industry. TÜV SÜD’s team of experts supported us through the entire certification process, helping us to achieve our goal efficiently and cost effectively. Besides, the knowledge of our organisation in regards to nuclear requirements was strengthened.”

Martin Schnatz

Manager QM-Systems - WIKA

The nuclear sector mandates tight safety regulations throughout its supply chain to ensure the protection of workers, the public and the environment. ISO 19443 is a dedicated standard that enables organisations, regardless of size or location, to demonstrate that their quality management system (QMS) combines best practice against the specific requirements of the nuclear industry. It also confirms the quality and reliability of processes, as well as a focus on development and continuous improvement.

Meeting nuclear industry demands

Suppliers, operators, and licensees must develop strong, long-lasting partnerships within the nuclear supply chain, and ISO 19443 provides a process-oriented management system that ensures consistent quality and safety. Many stakeholders are therefore encouraging their suppliers to become ISO 19443 certified.

TÜV SÜD was one of the first companies worldwide to become accredited for ISO 19443 and is authorised to certify organisations that can demonstrate compliance to ISO 19443.

Global expansion

The WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure, temperature, level, flow and force measuring instruments, which is now certified according to ISO 19443 for pressure, temperature and level.

WIKA was already certified to KTA 1401 since decades, which is a standard primarily designed for the German area of nuclear energy generation. During the preparation for ISO 19443, WIKA was able to extend its processes above and beyond KTA 1401 requirements. Being certified according to ISO 19443 allows WIKA to demonstrate its competence in the field of civil nuclear applications.

Streamlined certification process

TÜV SÜD supported WIKA with the full range of ISO 19443:2018 certification services:

  • ISO 19443 training
    TÜV SÜD provided a tailormade training optimised for WIKA’s team. Training and workshops focused on practical applications of the theory and regulations behind nuclear processes. This gave WIKA an overview of crucial requirement areas, and it learned from TÜV SÜD’s team of experts and experienced auditors how to adapt its QMS to meet the specific nuclear industry requirements.
  • ISO 19443 pre-audit
    A gap-analysis review of WIKA’s QMS by TÜV SÜD’s team of experts and auditors ensured it was ready to undergo the formal audit and certification process. This helped WIKA to ensure that the audit was passed at the first attempt.
  • ISO 19443 audit and certification
    This final stage enabled WIKA to become an ISO 19443 certified nuclear supplier for two sites in Germany and one in Poland. The multi-site matrix-certification process with WIKA means that only a sample of relevant sites will be required for the annual surveillance audits. This delivers WIKA efficient processes and costs savings. WIKA was the first company in Germany to achieve the ISO 19443:2018 certification with an accredited body, and the fourth worldwide.

Leading global nuclear certification

TÜV SÜD has been a globally recognised name in the nuclear field for more than 60 years. Our experts are involved in the development of standards at a national and international level. As one of the world’s leading certification service providers, being a specialist in quality and nuclear safety makes TÜV SÜD the trusted partner of safety authorities, operators, manufacturers and vendors. Our experts fully understand the business and regulatory demands of nuclear plant licensees, as well as the challenges faced throughout the nuclear supply chain by new and established manufacturers of nuclear components and equipment.

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