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Safety compliance for industrial equipment manufacturers and plant operators

Safety compliance for industrial equipment manufacturers and plant operators

Safety requirements in explosive atmospheres

Combustible dusts and flammable gases, mists or vapours can contribute to potentially explosive atmospheres. Examples include industries such as oil and gas, pharma, chemical, hydrogen applications, flammable cooling agents, mining, wood processing and food. To ensure the health and safety of workers, both equipment manufacturers and plant operators must be familiar with safety requirements and take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with relevant standards.



Manufacturers of explosion proof equipment as well as desginers and operators of industrial plants in hazardous environments are faced with strict safety requirements. The application of these requirements depends on multiple factors and can vary between regions due to different national regulations. Hence, a broad understanding of the regulatory landscape is needed to ensure compliant products and safe business operations. Furthermore, conformance to the requirements often demand third-party testing, inspection (TIC) and certification based on all relevant standards and certification schemes.


Global market access (GMA) for explosion proof equipment

Manufacturers, importers, or traders seeking to bring their explosion proof equipment to the global market face challenges in managing compliance with local regulations. Manufacturers need to be aware of the regulations for each country or region they want to access. Some countries and jurisdictions impose specific technical restrictions such as certification and shipment inspection requirements. In addition, the complex regulatory framework in some countries is constantly being updated and expanded. Global market access (GMA) is the process of determining applicable regulations and managing product compliance to those regulations with respect to accessing global markets. Customs officials may impound or deny access to non-compliant products, exposing manufacturers to potential legal consequences.



To meet the needs of companies that manufacture equipment for or operate plants in industries related to explosive atmospheres, TÜV SÜD provides an extensive portfolio of testing, inspection and certification services. With experts and testing laboratories around the world, we help you ensure market access, maintain safety and create customer trust.




Conformance with regional safety standards is a prerequisite for international trade and market access. Requirements apply to explosion-proof equipment and systems including safety, control and regulating devices, and protective systems. Our experts can support throughout the design, construction and installation of your explosion-proof equipment, and systems. Key standards for adoption in major world markets include ATEX (EU); IECEx (global) and NRTL (North America). Further relevant certification schemes include UKEX, China CCC Ex, Korean KCs mark, Japan Ex, Taiwan Ex, INMETRO Brazil, ANZEx (Australia) and UAE Assessment Scheme (ECAS). Learn more about our services for Ex equipment:


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ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

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