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Rail Refurbishment Services

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

What is rail refurbishment?

Rail refurbishment – and in particular rolling stock refurbishment – is a critical point in the lifecycle of railway operators as they have to decide whether it is time to upgrade existing railway systems or if it would be more cost-effective to renew them. Handling the process of upgrading and system modernisation can be further complicated as certain parts may no longer available from the original supplier and have to be replaced. At the same time, higher safety requirements must be met.  Support from an independent expert can help you to conduct in-depth analysis and overview of your existing rolling stock and railway systems and advise you on the best approach going forward.

Why are rail refurbishment support services important?

Using the rail refurbishment services of an external expert provides multiple benefits:

  • Save time and money  by ensuring that you meet safety requirements and avoid costly and time-consuming rework of requirements and specifications
  • Minimise risk of delays and rework, especially at the latter stages of your project
  • Meet rising passenger expectations in comfort, communication and safety, while enabling more frequent use by ensuring safe and reliable operations until the end of the planned lifespan
  • Be more economically efficient by extending the lifespan of your rolling stock through retrofit or upgrade work instead of buying new rolling stock

TÜV SÜD is your independent trusted partner for rail refurbishment

TÜV SÜDs’ global reputation as an independent technical solution provider in the rail industry guarantees you impartial and reliable services. With our experience gained from dozens of successful train refurbishment projects we support railway operators with decision making on replacement or refurbishment of rolling stock. We provide assessment and testing services to help you monitor quality, reliability and safety across your fleet of rolling stock. Additionally, our testing services support you by improving maintenance efficiency while reducing cost. With our many years of experience in the rail business, the quality assurance we offer inspires greater trust in your rolling stock.

TÜV SÜD’s railway and rolling stock refurbishment services

We offer quality assurance and safety assessment through the following services:

  • Acknowledgement of intended improvements of the refurbishment
  • Inspection of rolling stock regarding remaining lifespan
  • Evaluation of changes and analysis of imposed risk (CSM)
  • Obsolescence management
  • Assessment of new subsystems to be introduced or parts to be replaced
  • Analysis and assessment of necessary control Software to ensure functional safety with new hardware Units
  • Analysis of reactive effects of changes on other subsystems and the total system (total weight and weight distribution, clearance, safety against derailment, braking system, electric power supply, fire safety, EMC, operation modes, qualification of staff and maintenance)
  • Definition of required inspections and tests
  • Verification of final design
  • Production inspections
  • Assessment of conformity to EN standards and other international or national standards
  • EC-assessment and certification
  • Assessment of maintenance procedures
  • Upgrade of the technical documentation to match the refurbished situation


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