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Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

The complex interactions between critical systems and devices in the rail sector, such as signalling and telecommunications systems, represent a significant challenge for operators and manufacturers. These players are constrained to fulfil safety, performance, quality and interoperability targets as cost-effectively as possible.

TÜV SÜD has the necessary expertise and knowledge to support manufacturers, operators and official bodies in all equipment-, signalling- and technology-related aspects with appropriate testing, inspection and certification services as well as topic-related trainings. We can offer rapid and efficient EC verification and conformity assessment as Notified Body and major expertise in signalling technology projects globally.

Target group of the signalling training

The training targets first-time and regular users of the body of standards, focusing on use in development, verification, validation, assessment and placing into service.

Rail signalling training content

Our training Course in “Rail Transport – Signalling Technology” introduce the processes that are essential to your role in the safety life cycle. You are familiarised with the individual topics with the help of practical examples. All training courses adopt a situation-based approach to the role of supporting processes and the resulting deliverables.

Our Rail Transport – Signalling trainings give insights into the following topics:

  • Specific standards related to rail applications: DIN EN 50126, DIN EN 50128 and DIN EN 50129 in practice:

    Electronic systems are increasingly used as part of safety-relevant rail applications. These systems play a key role in signalling technology. From specifications and proof of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) to development of software for rail control and surveillance systems, these areas are governed by the CENELEC standards (DIN) EN 50126 to (DIN) EN 50129. This seminar prepares you for working with these standards and provides an overview of the various requirements for the selected safety integrity level, using case studies and practical examples.
  • Current developments in control and safety technology from the perspective of a testing and inspection organisation 
  • Functional Safety aspects of technical systems
  • Critical software quality and safeguarding safety-critical aspects
  • Planning and V&V methods
  • RAMS management
  • Safety planning and hazard log
  • Hazard / risk analysis / analysis of operational risks
  • Generic and specific management of safety-related incidents
  • Technical safety reports

All training courses in signalling can be ordered as individual modules or in combination to offer customised in-house training courses in your company.


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